Weave's value resides in the people and the relationships that make up our inspiring, changemaking network. We collectively strive to foster an increasingly open, inclusive and caring culture. The Happy Working Group will support this mission by developing network resources for constructive dialogue and co-working.

We ask all Weave participants to support these Personal Conduct Guidelines:

Respect diversity

We are committed to supporting social diversity and cultural sensitivity. Please support our Diversity Agreement in all interactions.

Communicate gently

Weave participants are expected to support contemplative awareness and nonviolent communication in our relationships. This is especially important in online communications. Please consider other perspectives in network-related activity.

Communicate effectively

Your voice is welcome. Your perspective is valued. Your interests are interesting. The best thing you can do to give and receive value is participate. Please consider reading our Comms Guidelines, especially the "Pick your Channel Wisely" section, to help express yourself effectively.

Discuss concerns and questions

If you feel uncomfortable or uncertain about Weave issues or processes, please identify your concerns. If they've already been identified in Weave Improvements or in active Loomio discussions, please join the conversation. If not, start a conversation which could help the whole network.

Resolve conflicts inclusively

We commit to resolve conflicts inclusively using a Transformative Justice approach, aiming to strengthen community and to fairly recognize all serious concerns. We encourage all conflicts to be resolved with the fewest people necessary, again acknowledging that everyone directly affected by the conflict needs to be involved. Refer to our Conflict Resolution Guide which further explains this.

Mutual responsibility

We're all responsible, all of the time, to take positive action in response to harassment and abuse. In some instances, this may include reporting to external authorities. Enspiral expects all participants to take this responsibility seriously.

Related Agreements

Harassment and Abuse Policy