This agreement exists so stakeholders of weave have clarity in terms of how they relate to the whole and what the expectations and benefits are of different types of relationships with(in) weave.

It outlines the process of moving from one kind of relationship to another. It also points to the specific dependencies on other agreements and systems. It’s a living document and is intended to be reviewed.

This agreement defines how weave relates to people, specifically weavers, weavers-to-be, freelancers and friends & family. It details the benefits, responsibilities and expectations associated with those different types of relationships.

Our aim is to provide a platform for people to earn a decent livelihood while doing good work that provides opportunities for growth and development especially when it comes to working with others. Overall, we aim to improve members livelihoods and develop a financial surplus (while doing good work with people we care about).

What does this model involve?

It relies on this document (that you’re reading) and our relationships with each other. The People’s Agreement shares dependencies with the Financial Agreement and yet to be defined Values & Purpose Document.

Professional Conduct

This is less about what you should do and more about how we are expected to do it. The following is a list of key expectations when it comes to conducting yourself within and as a representative of weave.