Weave members are expected to walk the talk and live the values of Integrity, Purpose, Commitment, Generosity, Good Judgement, Leadership, Engagement and Collaboration.

Integrity 진실 / 신의

Be a dreamer but also a doer. Show resilience in time of hardships, but also trust and believe in your community to have your back. Be honest and open-minded then the world will be your oyster. We speak our truth even when it is unpopular, and we do not compromise on what is important.

Purpose 목적

We fundamentally believe our role on this planet is one of service and contribution - we are here to build a better world. We are idealistic, and we are pragmatic. We are motivated by the heart, and we act with considered intelligence. We love fun and new ways to do things, and we can persevere through the hard times. We understand things worth doing aren’t always easy. We are here to make a difference.

Commitment 약속, 헌신

Weave is important to us. For some of us it is our life’s work, and for others it is our sole source of income. For all of us, it is a big part of our lives and way up our priority list of where we put our energy.

Generosity 관용

Sharing is caring. We happily share our time and resources to help each others. But before we do that, we have to make sure we are in secure position to do so (don't share what you don't have!). We make sacrifices to help those around us, and actively look for opportunities to create and share abundance.