This guide is here to give an overview of the channels we've decided to adopt and to give you some tips for how best to communicate with the network.

These comms channels are hosted by the Weave and are open to all of weavership (or wider). If you are in weavership but lack access to something, contact [email protected]

Comms Platforms and Tools

**Loomio - Group Decisions**

Our tool for decision making and thoughtful discussions. By default, assume the whole network will see everything.

Posting on Loomio in the main Weave group won't necessarily alert everyone, but if you invite the whole group to a thread or to vote on a poll, Loomio will notify everyone (sending emails to any of our people around the world, if they haven't changed their settings,) and so should be used judiciously. Big announcements can make a lot of noise if we overuse them.

Feel free to start subgroups on Loomio if you'd like a more targeted collaboration space with a subset of Weave people.

**Slack - Daily Realtime Comms**

Daily chatting, realtime comms, quick questions, interesting links. There is a #general channel for general discussion, and many channels for teams, projects, locations, and topics, or you can create your own!

(Coming soon) Weave News - Broadcast

Every two weeks, a newsletter goes out to all Weave community. It has info from ventures, media coverage, updates on decisions and happenings.

To get something published in News, email [email protected] or post in the #weave-news Slack channel. If you want to reach the whole network with non-urgent information, this is the way.

Google Apps